The best way to send your documents is via the Poker Stars Client.

Once logged in, please navigate to Help/Contact support (via the Main menu in the lobby).

Here you can browse to files on your computer and upload them directly to us.

Please ensure you select the correct category ‘Security’ We would like to reassure you that we operate under a strict privacy policy.

Any documents you send will be handled by trained staff and stored in a secure location in accordance with the Data Protection laws with which we have to comply.

In order to assist us with this review, we ask you to first check the inbox of your registered email account and provide us with the explanations and/or documentation requested in the email.

Should you need to provide documentation, you may do so following the instructions below: If you are not able to log into your account please scan or make a digital photo of your ID (front and back) and send it to, or fax to: Poker Stars Attn: Security Fax: 00 377 *** Please include “” and your username on all the pages if you send a fax in order to allow us to rapidly locate your account.